If you are looking for a photographer to provide you with a catalogue shot, a product image or images to market you business look no further.

For 10 years I have work as the manager of a photography department for Ideal Shopping Direct - one of the UK's leading multi-channel home shopping retailers, selling via our TV channels and the internet. I head up a team of photographers, with the responsibility of ensuring that we, as a team, are producing very high quality pack shots, advertising photography and marketing images to promote our products, as well as images to support all our corporate side of the business. This, along with my own commercial freelance work, has given me a wealth of experience within the field of commercial photography.

One of my specialties is product photography.  My images have been displayed worldwide across TV advertisements, shopping channels, websites, magazine editorials, and on packaging for products that are sold in major retail outlets nationwide. 


Unfortunatly I do not have the permission to share my potfoil of work on this website so please contact me if you would like to see some more examples of my commercial portfolio and to find out more information about the commercial services offer.