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The aim of my photography is to create natural images of your children that truly reflect their personalities, providing a lasting reminder of a moment in their childhood, both for you and for them for years to come. My photographs capture the fun of childhood and are also works of art in their own right.




I like the sessions to be fun and relaxed so that you will have a lasting memory of a fun time with your family, rather than a just a photo shoot.  So, if there’s a need to stop and feed, change, or just cuddle your child, then I will work around them.

I am a mother who is passionate about capturing the precious years of children because I understand how fast they grow and change. I know how to engage children of all ages, making them feel comfortable and get the best out of them in front of the camera. Before I lift my camera, I always spend time getting to know your child, whether that’s through playing with them or reading a story. From the moment they walk in, they feel this is a special experience, all about them!



To photograph them well you have to be patient, engage with them and get them to trust and like you, but most of all it’s all about coming and having fun. If they feel comfortable and are having fun, I will get some fantastic photos (if all else fails I have a sweet jar for bribery)! 




Most of my portrait shoots last around 1 hour. However, when working with children this time is variable.  I understand that it takes some younger children longer than others to ‘warm up’ in front of the camera, so if we need to play and get to know each other for longer before the shoot, then that’s what we will do. For babies, I do ask mothers about their routine and fit around sleep and feeding times. Saying that, babies are also unpredictable and if baby needs a sleep or a feed, then we can stop the shoot and have a cup of tea and a biscuit until mum and baby are ready to go again. I’m very relaxed about things and want you to get the most out of your shoot.          



Newborn babies are best photographed at around 1-2 weeks to get those cute sleepy shots, but if you would prefer to wait until they are a little more alert, we can wait (but I would advise no more than 1 month old for the ‘newborn’ concept to work).