Airbrushing & Skin Retouching


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Shhhh I won’t tell if you don’t!!!!

Concerned about your complexion? Want to look slimmer or have more cleavage in a photo?  Well I can help!  I am an expert in skin retouching and digital enhancement so I can give you the very same treatment that the stars receive.  Almost no one has a perfect figure or complexion.  Even models and movie stars at the top of their profession need a little help to achieve the perfect picture. 

I only so any retouching on images if its been requested by the cliant! Any retouching I do will be applied very subtly, but with amazing results so it’s not obvious to on lookers that you’ve had a little image enhancement!  No obligations to buy!  If you think this is something you are interested in, then please let me know and I can show you a ‘before and after’ example using one of your images from your portrait shoot.  Alternatively, if you have a photo of your own that you would like me to work my magic on; you can send it to me before you show your family and friends.