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About Me....


"Photography became a passion of mine around the age of 14 when I picked up my first SLR camera for a school project - I’ve not looked back since!  From the age of 14-18  I spent my weekends assisting local photographers. This gave me a really good insight to Photography as a profession and led me towards my studies. I gained 'A' grades in 'Photography' and 'Media' at college and went on to university where I achieved a '1st Class BA Hons in Photograph and Digital Imaging'.



Following my degree, I started my employment at Ideal Shopping Direct Limited, one of the UK's leading multi-channel home shopping retailers. My role as manager of the photography department gave me a wealth of opportunities both as a manager and a photographer. I have had the pleasure to work with celebrities, professional models, make-up artists, stylists, designers and various other talented professionals within the media industry. My images have been displayed worldwide across TV advertisements, shopping channel’s, websites, magazine editorials and on packaging for products that are sold in major retail outlets nationwide.  This role gave me the chance to shoot a across a range of categories, including Fashion & Beauty, Home & Garden, Technology, Jewellery & Craft, as well as corporate and marketing images for the business. Such diversity of subject matter has given me the opportunity to shoot in various different studios set-ups and on a variety of locations. My experience and skills in advanced lighting means I gain professional results every time, no matter what environment I am presented with. 



For the last 16 years I have also worked as a professional freelance photographer. The majority of my commissions have been portraits, weddings, events and product photography. In my free time I have also enjoyed capturing photo of my family and beautiful landscapes.


5 years ago I decided it was time to utalise my many years of photography experience, along with the 10 years of experience of running a large photography department within a corporate company. I took the plunge and set up my own Commercial photography studio in the center of Stamford. Business has been booming since the day I opened the doors and I have not looked back.  


My favorite subject matter has to be people. Whether it is photographing them during a portrait or fashion shoot, at a wedding, or an event, I love capturing people’s beauty, expressions & emotions. I seem to have developed a very good reputation in photographing children and families, this now make ups about 75% of my commissions. My favourite part of my work is showing my clients the final images and seeing their joy knowing that I have captured a moment of their life that is now theirs to keep and to look back on in years to come.


As we move into the world of evolving digital photography, I embrace the new, exciting technology that we now have at our fingertips and thrive on the creative possibilities that it opens for me to present work to my clients. I am highly experienced in digital imaging and offer various services in this area. I love using imaging software as a creative tool to design, enhance, and manipulate images. 


On a personal note…. I am the daughter of encouraging parents, a daughter-in-law to supportive in-laws, a wife to a wonderful loving husband and a mum to two adorable and extremely precious little girls.  Photography is my career, my hobby and my passion. My family is my life".



Lyndsay Ford 

Owner of ‘ShutterBox Photography’